Friday, 22 August 2008

As they say 'I'm back!' - back to reality. I felt quite detached whilst I have been in Lyme Regis- the place is my second home and I love it there, it's like stepping back in time. For example we visited the art deco cinema one evening to see 'Mama Mia' (great film, such fun!) and everyone was chatting before hand, clapped when the film came on and stayed right to the very end when everyone clapped and cheered and sung Waterloo. They just don't do things like that in our part of London.
I was supposed to be spending the week sketching on the beach for the final piece of my next module but as you can see from the photos it wasn't exactly beach weather. However, I did do a bit and have almost finished since I've been back.
I did do some arty things- visited the costumes at Killerton again and toured a few local craftsmen. There was also a chap called Adrian Grey doing stone balancing on the beach at Lyme- shades of Andy Goldsworthy there. I captured my own stone balancing but I had to rely on the sand for support.
Got back just in time for Kirsty to collect her GCSE results which were good (thank goodness) so she can get on to her pre-nursing 'A' level course, now if I could just manage a pass on this wretched figure drawing module we might all be able to relax!