Thursday, 24 July 2008

Taking a quick break from cleaning fleece (more on that to follow) and drawing figures to try and finish my final piece for our forthcoming 'Inspired By' exhibition. You may remember I used Kozo -which I wired,beaded and stitched -to create a 'Ruff' inspired by the Elizabethan objects for a previous OPUS module. For my last 'Inspired By' piece, as my inspiration was Monet, I am producing a 'Waterlily' which takes that Kozo technique a little further by incorporating silk tops to add delicate colour using the embellisher. Here it is almost complete- all I have left to do is to make a dragonfly to sit on it. I have also been thinking about display as it is quite delicate and have found an acrylic tub to use as a dome to protect it.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Now its back to reality. I have been trying to approach this wretched figure drawing module from a new perspective just to get me through it -to get away from the observational into something more abstract and to use the figure as a metaphor. So here's a couple of the sketches and developments I have come up with. I still don't like them but they are marginally more interesting than plain figure drawing.
I would also like to recommend the Skin and Bone exhibition at Somerset House in London- I went yesterday and it gave me some great inspiration. Off to Art in Action over the weekend so pray for fine weather.

Its been over a month since my last blog. Things have been so busy I haven't had a moment to myself. The holiday in Disney Paris was great a per normak -I really and truly didn't want to come back. We spent time in Paris itself, I love that city and I feel at home there. I found this great sculpture near the eiffel tower - the peace wall,, so beautiful