Thursday, 6 September 2012


Tick.tock,tick,tock... where is all the time going ? so much to do so little time.
I have just finished another piece of work the day before it was due to be exhibited, Argh!!!. Last year I was asked to submit my degree work for a gallery exhibition but just before this exhibition was due to take place the gallery manager left quite suddenly and they decided to close the gallery for the summer so no event. Once they had re-organised themselves they asked me to submit the work for an open exhibition called BASH- not quite so good because the previous exhibition was a solo show and this is a salon type event. Also I must admit I have sort of binned most of degree work now because I wasn't happy with it  but I did keep the 'pathway' so I said they could have that and I decided to make a more commercial piece to accompany it so hence the owl picture and the last minute rush.

But the whole of this summer seems to have been a bit of a rush and I have been feeling quite stressed out over various things .however, yesterday I went to the paralympics swimming and boy does that make you feel that you should stop moaning and suck it up! Quite incredible and we saw the Hynd boys swim- amazing. The whole event was really great and there was only one big red disappointment. I usually love Anish Kapoor's work , his pieces are among my favorite works of art, and for the last few years I've watched from my commute to see the 'Orbit' rising from the ground. I wasn't a fan as it went up but I hoped when completed I might love that as well.... but I didn't. Yes it is imposing and I expect the view is good from the top (didn't want to pay £25 to find out) but it just didn't move me. Oh well I suppose you can't win em all.
So tick,tock, tick,tock.... I'm packing again as I'm off to Lyme for Arts week but when I get back I'm going to settle back down and sort out my exhibition list, get on with some work and get busy with giving talks again but for now must rush......