Thursday, 26 September 2013

Not Waving But....

Finally back from that wonderful alternate universe they call Lyme Regis. I mean where else can you watch 2000 guitarists playing 'Rave on' on a beach in the pouring rain or the main news item is a debate about a beer drinking duck? Its also a place where an incredible variety of arty things just mesh into life and as usual I found a couple of really interesting exhibitions to visit in the shape of Brunel Broderers'  'Strand' and  a collaboration at Barrington Court (a National Trust property) with 5 diverse artists responding to various aspects of the house, My favourite was a willow sculpture that filled the whole kitchen. Sorry no pics allowed but it might have images on the website. Plus an exhibition of samplers dating back to the 1600s  (yes I have some pics for you Bev.)
I also went for my annual pilgrimage to the donkey sanctuary near Sidmouth. We have been supporters since the days 20 years ago when you used to chat with the founder , the late Dr.Elisabeth Svendsen, while she groomed some of the donkeys. Now the place is really big and there are other branches throughout the country . not only rescuing donkeys but providing centers for donkeys to work with disabled children, etc...
I love this place and I swear it is one of the most peaceful places on the planet, something just exudes from them calm and all enveloping. 10 minutes stroking a donkey is probably worth years of stress therapy.

But now its back to real life with a vengeance. This last week has seen me starting the work for creating the SDC shop in the Mall, taking on the position of SDC membership secretary (not quite sure how that one happened), another exhibition proposal in the offing, stock to start making for outlets and I really have to get on with work for Cottenham. What is it they say.... 'not waving but drowning'.... gosh I hope not.
Oh and before I forget Material Girl's collaboration with our Canadian colleagues 'Articulation' has just finished its second exhibition ,this time in Vancouver, by all accounts it has been a great success with a very high footfall so well done them! its wending its way to the east coast now for its final hurrah before coming home in 2014.