Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hi Folks I'm back!
Batteries are re-charged (sort of) although it hasn't exactly been an uneventful summer.

Bad things- being woken up at 3am by daughter with the immortal words "I'm covered in blood and I've had my phone stolen" (fortunately not her blood), endless dealings with police, etc... Falling out of the door and spraining my ankle, Breaking another tooth the day before JCS 'Moderation' which meant having to get it temporarily fixed during moderation, the fridge blew up (well, not literally) an last but not least he gas boiler was condemned and then we were told it was perfectly alright.

Good things - daughter did really well in her 'A' levels and is all set to start her nursing degree in 2 weeks time and I got a first for my dissertation.

So now its back to work Monday week on the last lap towards the final degree show which will be in May next year. As promised I will log my progress (or lack of it) in this blog. I know where I want to go with this body of work but I am just hoping I won't find this lap quite so confusing as I found the last module where I really was unsure exactly how far I was supposed to take the work at that stage.It also didn't help that because I had the daughter emergency I never rec'd a final tutorial before the work was marked so was even more confused.
However before I get going I've one more thing- I'm off to France, to Disneyland, for a couple of days as a sort of final fling for my daughter before she knuckles down to being an adult. Mickey Mouse here we come!