Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Outside the bubble

Last week disappeared in the usual blur. I did step outside the exhibition bubble for a few days so I could attend to a few other 'textile' commitments which was nice but put even more pressure on my time plan.
Monday was taken up partly with delivering work for our EG branch exhibition. I wasn't involved in any hanging for this so it should have been a quick in and out but as it was being held at the gallery we use for Material Girls I took the opportunity for a 'quick' catch up with the arts centre manager which turned into an hour long chat over various things.I returned to see it all hung on Saturday and partake in Tea and Scones that the VAC is now providing in its new cafe-an excellent idea.

Tuesday was Material Girls and I was collecting in and cataloging the work for Jersey which took up the whole morning. The work looks good and is being exhibited at the Textile Showcase under the title 'Primarily Colour'. This mini body of work consists of 10 hangings and 10 vessels (there are 11 of the group now but one is new so isn't exhibiting with this body) and looks good when all together so we are hoping to show it another small gallery when it returns home.
Considering there were only a few pieces it still took me 3 hours that afternoon to pack and sort out all the paperwork (I didn't realise Jersey had such strict customs legislation! I though it was part of the UK). I've led this group for 10years now and am still learning.

Wednesday was more relaxing as I took a break to meet up with my friend Marian (the other 3rd of our little group being sunning herself in Turkey this time) and visit the 'Chinese Robes' at the V&A. They really are exquisite but I really wish sometimes that you had the opportunity to actually get hands on and see how its done. It was some of the most delicate stitching I have seen in a long while and I loved it-real craftsmanship.

Other than that it continues to be stitch, stitch, stitch or rather embellish, embellish,stitch. I had to work out a way this week to knock back the areas that I didn't want focused on with the panels. Embellishing from the back took away too much detail so I have applied a fine mist of silk fibres over those areas which not only gives a hazy misty light to the pieces it helps draw all four panels together. I hoping to finish embellishing the final panel (winter) this week and then I can concentrate on all stitching. However I am nearly there on the textural stitching on the path and then can add the last layer of scattered tiny beds where necessary. So back to the bubble.