Monday, 21 January 2013

New Year, New Projects

I have decided to return for another year of blogging but go back to how I originally started which was to use this blog to track my various textile projects.
The first one of the year has already finished! I have been commuting backwards and forwards since just after Christmas helping to set up (and then break down) the 'shop within the show' at the Designer Craftsmen's show in the Mall galleries, which by all accounts was a great success despite the current economic climate and the bad weather. Yesterday ( our last day) saw London covered in glittery snow. I walked through St.James Park up to Buckingham Palace at Lunchtime and it was magical esp. as the old Victorian style lamposts were on in Green Park making the place look like Narnia.

It was great to break everything down yesterday and get time to start working on my next project now. However it was a great learning experience although walking in on the first Monday to a pile of plinths and shelving and a hugh pile of boxes containing over 1000 items ( in disciplines from textiles to precious jewelry  glass to metalwork, Ceramics to Wood.....) and a big empty gallery space which 3 of us had 4 days to turn into a fully functioning shop was rather daunting ! (pics show portions of the shop half way prepared).
I also had the luck whilst there to grab a coffee with one of our Canadian colleagues who was over for a short trip delivering work to the Mall. It was lovely to see her and she was able to fill me in about our 'Bridging Waters' tour of Canada.
So now I am working seriously towards the 'Crypt' exhibition. Just a taster picture for now and more about that in my next post.
Many thanks to people who commented on my last post and made me decide to continue.

Happy New Year to you all