Tuesday, 27 August 2013

sneak peak

Touching Base - sort of

I'm back but just for a little while, alright to be honest just today then.I have been away from the land of the blog too long but I have completely lost this summer, which has been a real drag. Too many problems and things that are just too boring to mention have meant that I have been trapped in a world of domesticity all this summer and not in a good way. One thing, among many, that most folks who have suffered the dreaded kitchen refit will symapathise with is the 'it will only take a couple of weeks' promise. Well we are now in week 7 and hopefully this will be the last week and I have finally managed to access the computer which means I can blog , today at least.(my Ipad doesn't seem to want me to for some reason)
I would fill you in on all the exciting things that have happened except there weren't any. (Well there was one extremely exciting textile thing but as they say at the moment I am not at liberty to divulge). However in the down time from me cleaning, decorating,DIYing, sorting things out,various textile glitches,  more decorating , more and more and more cleaning I have had the odd couple of hours to work on my pieces for the next Material Girls project. I am posting a couple of teaser pics.lets see if anyone can guess what I am working on? Clues- Its connected with China ( actually  I have had something kindly translated into Chinese by my husbands's cousin's wife as part of the project).
I will divulge much more when I blog next as I am off for a little break soon , the first proper one since this time last year and boy do I need it! Hopefully I when I return my batteries will be recharged and I can actually start to get back to my own life again.