Friday, 24 May 2013

and then the video

For those of you that might be interested to see the whole exhibition a relation of one of the participating artists, Rebecca Herbert, has made a video and posted it on you can access it on  or look for a direct link on the Seeking Artemis blogspot.
I think he has done a good job .Oh and the remark at the end of the credits , that's another story.

Monday, 20 May 2013

The last day

Tomorrow will be the last day of our 'Seeking Artemis' exhibition in the Crypt Gallery,St.Pancras. London. It has been busy,eventful, exhausting,amusing and freezing! We had  a  crowded Private View,amazing footfall, excellent comments on the exhibition and some great press (even being mentioned in the Wall Street International magazine!?). We have met people from all corners of the globe and a few people that were ,shall  we say, an eclectic bunch that will provide me with some very amusing and interesting stories for my 'exhibition tales'.
Below are a few photos (of my work and the PV) just to give you a feel.

. As you can see it really is a very interesting space in which to exhibit but it hasn't done my claustrophobia any favours.
 So tomorrow evening everything will be taken down and packed away and I can't say I'm sorry as I am ready and excited  to move on to my my next batch of work. This time its going to reflect nature, wild hills, far off places and the big wide open sky - wonderful!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

4000 miles

Do you remember last year,our (Material Girls and Articulation) project and  the series of exhibitions and talks we hosted in the UK ? Well the exhibition tour is just about to kick off  in Canada (see the flyer above). There is a whole lot more details on the gallery's website and I am rather tickled to see that they have used a snippet of my work on that website. We wish our Canadian colleagues a successful and enjoyable series of exhibitions over the next year , hoping they have as much fun as we had.
The funny thing is I have only just realised that next week I and my friend Miriam will have our work on display in London and Canada simultaneously. That's approx 4000 miles apart ! It also amused me that somebody once asked me how far I thought I could take my textile work- I don't think 4000 miles is a bad start.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Fame at Last?

Well not really but our local rag which circulates in Essex and East London has picked up on the 'Seeking Artemis' exhibition. They have pulled together a nice little article even if the facts are slightly muddled but they have the important details correct especially the location and opening times. Its a little bit worrying that we share the pages with adverts for mobility scooters - perhaps they are trying to tell us something!
I have fostered a pretty good relationship with the local press over the years as they now seem to support us whenever we have an exhibition and have even asked me to write a  short general article about my exhibiting group 'Material Girls' on the back of this article. 
I have also had articles in several magazines (even in Canada) over the years which is a great help  promotion wise (always good for the CV)  but it is hard work to stay on top of this aspect esp. when you really want to be stitching or designing. Magazines have seriously in advance deadlines so you need to have things in to them at least 3-4 months in advance when often the work isn't quite ready for photography . For local and not so local press you need to get in touch at the right moment so it doesn't go out of people's minds (I try to keep a sort of count down calender so I can remember when things need to be done. I also find it helps to have an angle which will catch people's interest.Then you are in the lap of the Gods to see if they have room in that particular issue. 
 I was told both when I was studying professional practice for my degree and at seminars that you should reserve one day a week for all your 'office' and promotion stuff -very true but difficult to achieve until they invent the 10 day week! But it is important to keep plugging away in this media obsessed age - for every 10 you contact one might pick it up and its not just for publicity for the exhibition but for opportunities to exhibit, etc... that might come from it.
At least the work is all finished ready for the exhibition now ( well almost) now its just drawing together all the peripheral exhibition stuff with just over a week till the hang. Who knows we might even feature in the London press one day , I've been in touch and I'm still plugging away ....