Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Covert Postmodernism

Grace Jones in a maternity dress designed by Jean-Paul Goude and Antonio Lopez

Last week I was engaged in some 'covert' exhibition work. Well not really but it is beginning to feel like it as I cannot divulge at the moment suffice it to say it 'something's coming and it should be good'- I will reveal all as soon as its confirmed . However whilst involved in this adventure I also took time out to visit the Postmodernist exhibition at the V&A with my friend '77 Belle'.
We went, we saw, we got confused and ran away to have coffee.
I don't know why it just left me completely cold and I couldn't find one thing that actually inspired me in any way. Now I admit I know very little about this movement but that's not unusual and if I don't know usually exhibitions like this make me want to learn more -usually- but not this time. When we were discussing it later in the inner sanctum of the membership lounge at the V&A (excellent Lemon Drizzle cake there by the way) we did ponder if it was the familiarity of the objects and the period that had created this .......nothing feeling. But we couldn't put our fingers on it - any ideas those of you out there in blogland? I am a girl with a love of all things Morris and impressionist so maybe I just missed the point - but I thought I didn't like the Bauhaus until I saw the exhibition and that totally changed my perception.
The other strange thing was the place was empty! I have never been to a V&A blockbuster that I didn't have to push my way around even when it has been on ages but we were virtually the only people there. What a contrast to my feelings about the Grayson Perry I saw recently.

I am now up to my eyes in stitching - Hurray! working on my third piece for the forthcoming Bridging Waters exhibition and finishing off a few Christmas presents for family and its lovely to have needle in hand again.

I did have a comment on my last blog about using the computer as a creative medium and yes of course I often play with lovely programmes such as Paintshop Pro and Adobe (In fact the picture I showed in the last post was actually created using manipulated photos printed onto abaca tissue and then embedded with the emmbellisher onto home made felt and with stitch added)
What I don't like about the computer is being tied to it to do admin, interminable form filling and bill paying . Still all part of life rich tapestry I suppose.
Now I'm off to do covert things again ....pst,...Anyone seen my raincoat?

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Colour, Creating, Computers and Canadians

Time passes so swiftly and there seems so much to do. Next year is now fully booked with regards to exhibiting (in deed the subsequent two years appear to be rapidly filling up as well) and I am beginning to panic that I am spending so much time in organising exhibitions and the associated paperwork,etc... that is attached to them that I spend more time at the computer than I do with a needle in my hands actually creating the work to be exhibited.
When I finished my degree I thought that time at the computer would decrease and at last I would have the time to concentrate on more creative aspects but alas -at the moment at least- that just isn't happening . I can remember that I learnt that at least 2 days a week, if not more, should be given over to 'office work' once you entered the realm of the professional artist but it is still quite a nasty shock when it becomes a reality. Still I live in hope than once the new year starts I can structure my time more successfully to allow lots of space for creating. I have so many ideas,so much I want to do on the practical side and I never really expected to end up doing more on the curatorial. Until then I know that I still have a great deal to organise for my Material Girls and my other commitments.
Still its not all work and no play.
Last week I met up with one of my fellow graduates from my course who was back over from Canada to visit her brand new Grandson. We met up in Docklands as I had to meet my daughter that day as well where she works and had a great natter over coffee and I showed her over the Docklands museum as it was new to her. It was great to see her again and I am hoping she will be able to visit our Bridging Waters exhibition either here next year or when it transfers to her native land.
I also attended the ERTF conference on Colour at Letchworth last Saturday. I thought after all my studies I had 'done colour to death' but it appears not! I am not a great user of brilliant colour preferring more muted tones but I am becoming very interested in the symbolism of colour and its effects on human mood and emotion. Our speaker - Joyce Honeysett- was extremely interesting and as you know we never stop learning.
Now I must get away from this computer and back to my threads.