Sunday, 23 June 2013

Scrummy Yummy

On Friday, like most of the textile enthusiasts within striking distance of London, I went with a group of  like minded friends (six in the city) to see the Kaffe Fassett  exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum . Now I do not knit (can but don't really like doing it) find patchwork a bit boring (no doubt I will now be shunned by all the quilters out there) and tend to work in muted colours so lets face it this was not the obvious choice of an exhibition for me to visit but I wanted to have a birthday treat that challenged me a bit and I am so glad I did.

 I know he produces the very commercial , designs but rarely makes his own pieces and is the master of self promotion but boy does that man have an eye for colour ! His layering of pattern and colour is so rich and joyful (I even loved the patchwork) It definitely showed me that although I work with the natural world as my inspiration source I do not have to be so restrained as nature is the most colourful source available- since when did nature ever 'clash'. I know I am at a point when my work needs its regular 'kick up the backside' and my new project is the perfect trial ground for this so thank you Kaffe Fassett for administering it. However, I must also remember during my flirtation with colour that an area of stillness is needed as Margaret remarked as we walked home along the Thames that the blues and greys that surrounded us there gave a much needed respite to the visually busy morning.

Of course the company of friends to see an exhibition like this is invaluable  so thank you Helen, Liz,Margaret, Kirsten and Elizabeth for joining me and that great chat about it we had over lunch. I always find it wonderful how much knowledge spills out from such friends greatly enhancing the whole experience.

Now where are the threads, paints, papers and fibres to  start to play ....oh and the sunglasses!

Kaffe Fassetts 'touching wall'

One of my favourite displays at the FTM

Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Diversion

So now the Seeking Artemis exhibition is over I have to start work on two other projects in earnest. The Material Girls project is called Tales and Textiles which involves each of us looking at another culture, their textile heritage, their stories and folktales and interpreting all of this in a way unique to each artist. I will reveal what culture I am looking at when I have something to show but I am at present I am desperately making the base fabrics for the five pieces of work I am creating for this. The reason for the haste? well I have a lot going on elsewhere at the moment.
Over the last few months we have had family health worries which could have involved surgery  fortunately it looks like 'conservative' treatment has worked for my daughter and my OH's consultant has decided on a similar course of action for him , so lots of physio,etc... but hopefully no knife, This has given us a window to get on with things domestic which have been put on hold.
Last week I got a chance to sort out the garden (with help- as the pic shows) which was lovely as I always feel so peaceful in the garden - or indeed anywhere outside where there are no people.
Then yesterday I finalised the order for my new kitchen which will mean gutting the whole room back to the 'bricks' and making the house a virtual no go zone for August. I'm not looking forward to it being in process but I am looking forward to it being finished. It also means I can have a great clear out of all the clutter (brilliant!).
Hence the haste to get the fabrics made, the design work done and then I can shut myself in a room (or garden if we ever see the sun again) and hand stitch while they tear the place apart.
Just to make you smile textile wise I have popped in a little fishy, part of one of my ongoing more commercial projects , to keep up the textile link for this blog. Meanwhile  sunday lunch cooking calls as we have to keep OH happy on Father's day.