Thursday, 17 June 2010

quick update

I cannot believe that its a month since my last posting. All I can say in my own defence is that the last few weeks have been manic with work and the only reason that I've got around to this today is because I've been on the computer to send work to one of my tutors.
In the interim I have been working on developing my samples and academic work for my personal specialism module, refining my dissertation, sorting out stuff as level 3 rep. for the course and beginning to try and draw all my graduating class together to begin the organisation of our exhibition (less than a year now) as well as booking rooms to be used for sessions by ERTF and IFA. Factor in hospital appts. with my father-in-law, hospital appts and uni stuff for my daughter,Gas leaks, visits to V&A and PRISM, Material Girls stuff as well as a little thing called everyday life and I suppose that's why there has been so little time for blogging.
Quick update on the course- dissertation is going on OK I think ( tutorial tonight to see if I'm about there), Personal Specialism has been a bit bumpy. Some modules are written very loosely to allow for 'personal interpretation' but that often seems to lead to misunderstanding between tutor and student leading to confusion and frustration , still I think I'm heading in the right direction now. There isn't much to show picture wise as its books full of sampling but I'll try and find something to tempt you.
PRISM was good as usual but I did feel this year that there was a lot of 'seen that before!' and not quite the spark it usually has still it was probably just one of those down years that happen every so often.
I'm off on holiday for a week in Dorset soon- I sooo need the break after the awful last 12 months so I expect it will a while before I blog again. Daughter not coming this year so it will be our holiday as a couple for 18 years- I'm just hoping I'll have a house left to come back to.