Friday, 8 April 2011

Pushing through to the end

After a really hard push I have finally completed all the stitching for my degree show. That means I was able to complete the photography and finalise my hanging plan. It seems a bit odd when I have been felting/stitching intensively on one body of work for long that it is now finished. Of course work toward the final show is far from over. I have to complete my statement, draw together all the supporting work and consider what I would like to say during my VIVAs (plus all the little group bits like sorting the details of the private view, arranging gifts for VIPs, our own publicity bits and bobs, completing forms for vaious bodies we would like to look at our work for post degree issues ,etc...) it all seems to take up a great deal of time but I am pushing to get most of it completed by Easter so I can have a bit of a rest before the examination/exhibition week. Life doesn't take a back seat either- family glitches are still occuring,material girls are undergoing a restructure, my own health isn't the best at moment (OH reckons its stress , I just think its time of year) and my poor little dog has developed a nasty lump on his toe which the vet wants to remove asap (never a good sign when they say that) so he's being operated on Monday morning. Still tomorrow I'm off to the ERTF conference at Girton College in Cambridge - passive selling, sounds interesting- which should be a nice break. Then its the final push-wish me luck!