Friday, 14 December 2012

Blogged Off

Here I am again with my last blog post of the year or possibly ever. I am beginning to feel a bit disillusioned with blogging. Here I sit, typing away whenever I can fit it in, when I am not sure if anyone ever reads this or is interested or even why they should be. I rarely get comments (except for the lovely Heather whose blog is one of my favorites) so maybe no one is reading it -so why should I do it? I don't know what I should be including on my blog now.

I like hearing about peoples lives and reading their blogs but I do tend to get a bit disheartened when I read some of them - a bit like those round robins you get at Christmas . I used to love catching up with what people I knew but didn't get to see very often- but now the only ones I get are the sort that say things like 'Tarquin has just been promoted to head of ICI and Jacincta has had her first birthday and has finally finished reading Lord of the Rings. Her nursery teachers think she is a prodigy and have requested she should be made ruler of the universe' . Whereas mine used to  include news like 'the cat has died and my main achievement this year has been to find out how to FedEx a parcel to Canada and the kitchen's falling apart'. Mind you I did get one the other day which said that she hoped the grandparents didn't die before her daughter's summer wedding as it might upset the seating plan. She was joking......I think. I've just given up sending letters in Cards.

Then there are those blogs that feature everything they have cooked - you know '50 ways to serve a courgette' . I couldn't do one of those blogs as I don't think people would be interested in '50 ways to serve a ready meal'. I have never seen the point in slaving away for hours when really my family only likes things that are in a pie or a burger and half the time don't even register the difference as they wolf it down. It took me ages to introduce pasta without them prodding at it superstitiously. I can cook (I even made my daughter's 21st cake which was completely demolished in 10 seconds flat) I just find it boring.

I would like to produce a lovely arty blog with quotes and deep discussions as there are lovely ones out there. But sometimes that makes my brain hurt and I can't stand too much 'pretentious artspeak' and quite frankly I just don't get the time to keep intellectualizing things - How do people do this? Do they have longer days than me? As I type I should really be tending to my daughter who has been sent home from work with a nose redder than Rudolph's and a cough that shakes the house like a mini earthquake, there's a pile of ironing threatening the record for England's highest peak, a whole block of paperwork to be sorted and the cat needs hauling out of the Christmas tree at 5 minute intervals . On top of that I really,really need to get on with my exhibition work (and that's what I really want to do)

 I started the blog to track my degree course so really I should perhaps just use it as an addendum to my website as it costs so much to update that regularly. Perhaps after Christmas I'll have a rethink, perhaps I can come up with a solution (and NOT facebook Miriam! I can't cope with anything else ,I am not computery clever like you).

I know you need 'a web presence'. That was how our Arts Officer got on  to me and asked me to place my work in our Arts Center Craft shop. (Yes I am now shopped full time in a proper commercial shop!!!!) but how to create one worth looking at, how to get the time to do it? Perhaps Santa will bring me the solution for Christmas.

 The Christmas Picture is of one of the decorations I made  - handmade felt and embroidery , they have sold quite well along with my mini Christmas trees. I would have liked to post one of the animals looking suitably festive but the Dog's developed a phobia to tinsel and keeps hiding and a cat hissing  with a mouth full of Christmas tree doesn't work somehow.So For now Merry Christmas to All- if anyone is actually out there- and if I do get left a solution under the tree I might be back in 2013.