Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mind the Gap

There has been a slight hiatus since my last post- for several reasons.
 I needed to get motoring on producing some work for the next two exhibitions  but my health went a bit dodgy which knocked the production back a bit. However, having overcome that I spent time watching the Olympics whilst turning out quantities of embellished felt fabric on my trusty machine whilst trying not to annoy the family viewing.
Digression no.1 - Hasn't the Olympics been fabulous? I'm not a great sports fan, can think of better ways of spending my time than running in circles, but the actual organisation and events have been great (except for the ticketing fiasco of course). I live about 30mins away from the Olympic park and have spent the last few years watching it rise and cursing the inconvenience when travelling up and down but I must say they have done a cracking job.I always very proud to be British but esp. at the moment. My one sadness was being unable to get any tickets in the draw or being able to afford any of the dearer later ones that went on sale but we have got tickets for the Paralympic swimming so I can't wait to go and see it all up close in a couple of weeks time.
Back to textile talk...
So the next exhibition (and last in the UK) of the Bridging Waters work is in Maldon,Essex in just over a weeks time and we had to produce a few extras for this one and having made my fabric I've been having fun creating various Felty Fish. Its so nice to create some frivolous bits for a change.
I don't really know this gallery and some of the other Material Girls are hanging this one as I am on holiday  but it brings me to
Digression no.2 - Being located in the suburbs of London on the border of East london and Essex people often say 'aren't you lucky being so near to London  galleries' and in a way that's true but we do fall into a gap when it comes to exhibiting our own work. Further into the country (side) there seem to be many interesting galleries and buildings and venues that will display work but here in the deepest suburbs there are very few and those we have are rapidly being either closed down or restricting hours. Our only other option is to show in London , which is wonderful BUT extremely expensive , I mean thousand of pounds!!! So does anyone else have this problem? and if so how do we solve it?
Back again
Having had fun with the fish I am also finishing up some more serious work for another exhibition in September and was getting on well with that until I had a close encounter with some pavement last week which has left me with bloody knees and more importantly with an aching shoulder meaning I can't stitch-so annoying.
Any how more on that work soon. Thanks for your comments on how to describe our work - seems Textile artist I will remain.

 And I meant to tell you all about the recent Art Trail but I'm afraid Mo has just won the 5000 meters !!!! and there's this man called Bolt soon to come on the track  and the cats attacking the washing so .......