Thursday, 28 May 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Have spent the week trying to gather together research so I can hit the ground running with my module on Monday. It looks like 'Professional Practice' is going to be interesting but when I drew up my timetable to try and fit everything in around what looks like it will be a hectic summer I felt the usual panic attack. So to calm down (between testing K for her AS exams - the bulk of which are next week) I have been watching the Big Art Project on channel 4, which I thought might help a bit, and its been really interesting. I realised that although I say I am not a great people lover I do feel quite passionate about getting art 'out there' and into everyday spaces and away from the white cube. The last module brought home to me how much I like the process of working to commission and the interaction with people, and I have always loved organising group exhibitions,so maybe I'm not quite such a recluse as I thought I was.
I also seem to have been forgiven for playing the big bad mother and I'm taking Kirsty and her friend to the Clothes Show live tomorrow - if we can negotiate the tube closures. Off now to charge the camera and stash the notebook before the really hard work begins next week.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Saying No

What a weekend! The first of Kirsty's friends passed their driving test 2 weeks ago (first time- very well done) so they decided they were going to take a trip to Camber Sands. Well from where we live that's over a 2 hour drive, mostly on motorways and involving the M25 and negotiating the Dartford Crossing- which, if you do that regularly like us, you will know that is not a pleasant thing even for an experienced driver let alone in heavy bank holiday traffic. I knew a couple of the other parents weren't happy but nobody seemed prepared to rock the boat- so I did. I said no.
Needless to say all hell broke loose. I became the worst mother on the planet.
An hour later,once the histrionics calmed down and I was able to get a word in edgeways, I suggested that for her first non-local trip they went to Clacton instead- an hour away and all on A roads.
Last night they came home- slightly sunburnt, full of tales of the day and laughter and, most importantly of all, in one piece. I am not likely to win any popularity contests amongst her friends in the near future but if that's what it takes to keep them all safe its alright by me.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Chelsea Morning

Friday we took a pilgrimage to the Chelsea Flower Show and for once the weather was kind to us. The sun shone ,the flowers glowed and the scent in the floral pavilion was heaven. I was a little disappointed in the show gardens this year- there seemed to be fewer and many were very much the same- all sculptural lines and 'dark planting'. But all in all it was a lovely day and so inspired was I that I spent the rest of the weekend planting out all my bedding, 120 pelargoniums, 2 doz fuchsias, 36 busy lizzies, 4 osteospurnums, numerous nicotiana and a fern-(sounds rather like a song doesn't it if you added 'and all' on the end) all aided and abetted by 2 dogs and 2 cats who were probably thinking how long it would take them to dig them all up again.Now all I have to do is pray for a nice summer or the garden will be a feast of mildew and snails.
Next week its back to research for the next degree module so its a good job I've got it all done.
Hope you enjoy the piccies- lots more to come to lighten up the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Moderation at the Minories

Saturday's moderation went ok - I think. It was strange to be attending a different venue but the venue was lovely , much nicer than the one in the middle of London. Martin and I took ourselves to the local zoo for the day whilst I waited to go back and do my presentation (which meant I was a bit on edge all day). I only had one hitch with the equipment and seemed to manage to answer all the questions they level so fingers crossed. I then gratefully staggered into the cafe to meet up with Martin and some of the others on the course while we waited to pick up our work. Its so nice to get together occasionally, that's what you miss out on with distance learning. The day was really well run and bodes well, I feel, for the new school.
We finished the day with 'tea at the rectory' or rather a catch up with Martin's cousin whose the vicar in Colchester. Now its just that long wait for the results-arrhh!!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Blue Heaven

Its that bluebell time again. In my mind there is nothing nearer to heaven than a bluebell wood bathed in sunshine (unless its a bluebell wood by the sea of course).I've been lucky enough to get to our nearest one a couple of times recently and its been a break from pulling together the last bits of the current degree module which is now safely packed up ready to go to moderation on Saturday (gulp!) I've also just found out that I have to give a 15 minute presentation to the moderators as well on Saturday and the general opinion when I mention it to my 'Material Girls' was 'that should be no problem you're good at waffling on'- wasn't quite sure how to take that!
I have just found out also that my next module is another written one-ahhh! sometimes I think they must have the title of this degree wrong as there is so much writing involved in a so called practical course. However, I am determined to be positive and use my 'down time'(ha,ha!) alongside this module to work on my personal work for the 2 exhibitions I have coming up in September and February. I will only 'feel blue' in a positive way as the September work is all about water.
Wish me luck for Saturday- just in the waffle gene isn't working.