Tuesday, 19 March 2013

stitch,stitch, tick,tock,stitch,stitch

Time has been slipping away so fast this year and my stitching muscle has gone into overdrive. I think this body of work for 'Seeking Artemis' will really be taken up to the wire .
My work for this exhibition has been exploring the topic of sea symbolism and its connection to the feminine . As regular readers probably know I love the sea and to me it is a very feminine entity. The more I have researched into connected symbolism the more I have found that the various sea symbols help depict definite aspects or periods of a woman's life. I have also found how interesting it is that a lot of symbolism is also known instinctively by people,almost a sort of race memory, and that we 'modern day westerners' tend to either ignore this or almost put it into storage at the back of our minds. It is this latter aspect that will be informing my display of the work. Well that's the theory behind my work, now for the practical side of exhibiting...

As you can see preparations for the actual exhibition staging are well underway. One of our number , the photographer in our midst, has produced a flyer and the details of the exhibition can be found on the Crypt Gallery website www.cryptgallery.org and also on our Seeking Artemis blog seeking-artemis.blogspot.com
( I would put in a link so you could click directly onto them but every time I try it goes to something weird!)
We also have a facebook page but again I don't know how to use facebook ,however. if you are a reader of the 77 Belle blog. you will find the link on there. I am always in troubleform my fellow exhibitors  for not getting things onto the computer more but to be truthful I really do find it confusing and it seems to crash half the time, which is really frustrating. What I really need is a little man living inside the thing I can just shout at!

We have been for a look at the space with no exhibition in it (which is rare) to measure and finalise our staging and its even more inspiring. It also makes me realise how close it is getting and how much I still have to complete, that being said.... back to the stitching!

ps. I did escape up to see the exhibition 'Woolhouse' at Somerset house yesterday and it is astounding, one of the best exhibitions I have been to in ages. It is only on until this weekend but if you get the chance ......