Monday, 27 January 2014

Ring in the new

Just surfacing from helping to curate the show within a show at the Designer Craftsmen Exhibition at the Mall Galleries. It is always absolutely exhausting but totally satisfying and this year esp. so. The show looked great, we almost ran out of stock in the shop although we had over a thousand pieces, sales were excellent way up on last year and probably the nicest part of all was the comments we had from the public, gallery owners and everyone who was kind enough to visit (I have even had a couple of approaches by curators!). The SDC really are a talented bunch and the operation very slick I even received a cheque for my sales this morning (that's in less than 2 weeks!) so it will be choccy cakes all round tonight.
the shop about halfway prepared

My fishy felt quilt - sold within the first morning 

Some of my pictures also found new homes

Now its onto a new adventure.Textiles in Focus at Cottenham Cambridgeshire is just around the corner. I have almost finished my work for our Material Girls exhibition and have sorted out all the staging etc... so that's going to be exciting, Our Canadian work is pushing on to an extra venue thanks to the efforts of the Articulation girls and we (Material Girls) are just about to start our research for our project for a National Trust property which is pushing me in a completely new direction and I am really looking forward to furthering my studies of historical embroidery techniques, look out 2014 here we come!


Heather said...

That's a wonderful space and it sounds as if it is all happening for you and the Material Girls. Well done and congratulations.

Gina said...

Unfortunately didn't make it to London for the SDC show but at least I'll get to see the exhibition in Cottenham.