Monday, 3 March 2014


My life always seems to be rushing from organised thing to another. People who know me will know that I do like to know exactly what I am getting myself into and I do like to be organised right down to the last dot. And for me that's no bad thing, I find it saves time in the long run and  there are few nasty surprises along the way. However, sometimes its quite nice to be a bit spontaneous, just to react to the moment or the surroundings.

Take for example Material Girls recent exhibition at Textiles in Focus. I tried to make sure I knew exactly how things would be placed, where the focal point would be and how the pieces would work displayed together. I tried to make sure that we had all the extra staging needed and that , as this might be this body of works only showing, it was displayed in a certain way. BUT we had never shown at this venue before so I had little idea of how our work would show in the space, exactly what the screens were like, etc... so it was a case of on the day just reacting to what we had. I think it worked, we had lots of positive comments and on the heels of this exhibition I have booked another venue in December - Gallery 50,Craft Arena, Billericay- because I thought the girls work looked so good it deserved another showing.

The exhibition -Tales and Textiles

Five items of my own pieces based on a Miao Creation Myth

Then there are the spontaneous outings. When we woke up on Saturday instead of horrid rain the sun shone but my DH insisted he was going to paint the kitchen ceiling so my DD, who was at a loose end, and I decided to pop up to the Tower of London. We go quite a bit as its only about 1hr away from us on the tube but we hadn't been for about 3 years. We spent a silly day doing the things we used to when she was young. getting in the way of the guardsmen (by accident of course) oohing over the crown jewels and trying to remember all those gory stories and locating  what had happened to who and where and when (I actually had a great,great,great, great ..... grandfather who was held in the Tower after the 2nd Battle of Worcester
  originally he was one of Cromwell's capts. but I think he swapped sides after Charles 1st got the chop). We also found that they have put lots of sculptures in to enhance their Menagerie at the Tower exhibition which I loved there are some pics of them on my facebook but I haven't managed to find out how to get them onto this computer yet ,bad Chrissy!. It really was a good day, So perhaps I should give spontaneity a bit bit more of a look in in future :)

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Heather said...

What a great and varied exhibition, and a great space for it. Love the camel.
So pleased your ancestor survived his time in the Tower. Perhaps changing sides helped!
I like being organised too, but sometimes it's good to be spontaneous.